Eastwood beadroller stand - 360 gr draaibaar
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Eastwood beadroller stand - 360 gr draaibaar
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Eastwood Beadroller vloersteun met 360 graden draaibare kop.

Ontworpen voor de Eastwood 8 en19 inch beadrollers. Gaten boren niet nodig.

Voor andere merken en ook voor de grote Eastwood 27 inch beadroller moeten 2gaten worden geboord.

Met 10 pennen voor het ophangen van rollen.

360 Degree swivel head allows user to place their bead roller in the optimum spot
Integrated Die Storage
Designed for use with 8″ Elite bead roller, 19″ bead roller and 27″ Elite bead roller. Will work with competitors models with drilling.

  • Fits non-Eastwood standard plate-style bead rollers (designs like Eastwood 19″ bead roller, but may require drilling)
  • 360 degree swivel head allows user to place the bead roller in the optimum spot
  • Includes integrated die storage to keep you organized
  • Heavy duty design
  • No drilling necessary for Eastwood 8″ and 19″ bead rollers
  • Drilling is required to attach the Eastwood Elite 27″ bead roller
  • Drilling is required to attach other brands of bead rollers

Keep your bead roller near your project with dies at hand, plus your vise will be free for other work. No more taking the bead roller in and out of a vise while forming sheet metal and doing other work.

Position your bead roller just right for a project on the rotating bead roller stand. This versatile DIY shop stand is designed to work with Eastwood’s 8-inch manual bead roller, 19-inch metal former and 27-inch Elite bead roller. It can also fit standard plate-style bead rollers with some drilling or other minor modifications. The 360-degree swivel head lets fabricators situate the roller exactly where they need to create a bead. This also allows users to work on large panels in small garages and shops. An integrated die storage rack gives you a safe place to put the dies during and between projects. A heavy-duty bead roller stand improves functionality while also offering a stable, more permanent alternative to mounting rollers in a vice. It’s made of thick powder-coated square-edge tubing with excellent support for the machinery.

Upgrade your bead roller while keeping the vice available when you need it! All assembly hardware is included along with an instruction manual.


(1) Upright Post
(1) Main Member
(1) Upright Post Brace
(1) Legs 2Swivel Head / Bead Roller Mount
(1) Die Rack
(2) M6x1.00×10 Socket Head Cap Screws
(2) M6 Flat Washer
(8)M8x1.25×15 Socket Head Bolt
(8) M8 Flat Washer
(4) M10x1.5×20 Hex Head Bolt
(2) M10x1.5×25 Hex Head Bolt
(2) M10x1.5 Lock Washer
(2) M10 Flat Washer
(1) M12x1.75×55 Socket Head Bolt
(1) Eastwood Instruction Manual