DVD - Beading Machine Basics
Krimp- en rekmachines - zetbankjes - engels wiel - profielwals etc
DVD - Beading Machine Basics
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Op deze DVD geeft Ron Covell uitgebreid uitleg over de vele mogelijkheden van de voormachine of profielwals. Deze machines zijn goed bekend en beschikbaar. Echter slechts weinigen weten hoe deze optimaal te gebruiken. Hoe maak ik profielen, verzetten, flensen, ronde randen en veel andere vormen.


Engelstalig/, 97 min.


Beading machines are one of the most widely-used tools for both amateur and professional metalworkers. These machines can quickly and accurately make beads, steps, grooves, flanges, curls, and many other shapes in sheetmetal panels. As common as these machines are, many people don't know how to make the best use of them, and this program contains a wealth of knowledge about die selection, machine adjustment, and the proper techniques used to make crisp and accurate features in panels. You'll see several different beading machines in action, from bargain priced entry-level machines, through classic vintage machines, to the most versatile and robust motor-driven machines made today; giving you a good overview of the machines currently available, and showing which features are most important for specific types of work. Ron's easy-to-follow descriptions, coupled with the striking close-up photography will go a long way toward helping you master these versatile machines!