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Rechts Snijdende Figuur Plaatschaar
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Deze kwaliteitsscharen zijn origineel ontwikkeld voor de vliegtuigindustrie. hebben een kracht-vergrotende hefboomoverbrenging en een capaciteit 1.2 mm in staal. Voor het knippen van rechterbochten.



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Midwest Snips. They are forged, and they are American-made. Midwest also offers special hard snips for those of us doing stainless and titanium. We offer all of the many patterns offered by this excellent company, and are very pleased to offer you the best on the market today, Midwest Snips.” - Kent White

Design and Operating Features of Midwest Snips 

Midwest Features
  1. Full length pinch-to-point cuts up to 18 gauge CRSM or 22 gauge SSSM, with less than 80 lbs. of hand pressure making Midwest Snips the easiest to use.
  2. The blades are hot drop-forged molybdenum alloy steel which is then austemper heat-treated, producing a cutting edge that will outlast all others and making Midwest Snips virtually unbreakable.
  3. 40 blade serrations per inch grip with slip or scare. Individually ground "stops" prevent handles from bottoming out which further assures the most efficient transfer of hand power to cutting power. "Stops" also control crossover of blade tips to prevent sideways tear of material being cut.
  4. Grade-8 hardened center pivot blade adjustment bolt is threaded into the bottom blade to keep blades in adjustment for over 30,000 test cuts - exceeding the ASME Standard.
  5. Heavy-duty spring is a "double over-wind" design that in cycle tests exceeds 120,000 cutting strokes - twice as long as the single coil springs in some competitor brand snips.
  6. Being spring loaded the latch keep the snips shut when not in use.
  7. Handles are made of heavy gauge steel to maximize cutting power at blades while not bending like the others.
  8. The comfortable grips are soft yet durable; made of copolymer, they won’t twist or wear through.
  9. Optimum handle opening at a 5-1/2 inch spread is easiest to grip in hand, allowing user to maximize length of cut per cutting stroke. Strong steel handles won't bend or collapse from hand pressure and maximize transfer of hand force to cutting power.
  10. The Midwest Scratch Awl stores conveniently in the handle of all Midwest Snips Aviation Snips.

"Standard" Aviation snips are available in three blade patterns with serrated edges on both top and bottom blades. They have a cutting capacity of 18-gauge cold-rolled steel and 22-gauge stainless. Available in three different cut patterns: left, right and straight. All of the models will cut straight but only the straight cut model will cut both left and right. The handles are color coded for easy identification. These are great for doing short cuts in sheet metal. If longer or tighter radiused cuts are required, the offset models are recommended as they allow the material to pass easily around the blades and under the handle, similar to how a throatless shear would work. Although these will cut cleanly through stainless, they are not designed for everyday use on it or other hard materials. For cutting hard metals such as stainless steel, inconel, and titanium we recommend the use of Midwest Special Hard Snips.

Specifications of Left & Right Cut Snips

Specifications of Straight Cut Snips