Frost chassis black Satin - Zijdeglans zwart 1 ltr.
Painting - overig
Frost chassis black Satin - Zijdeglans zwart 1 ltr.
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Frost chaais black --> chassis lak zijdeglans zwart

Kan worden aangebracht met de kwast of roller

Voor spuiten verdunnen met therpetine - max 10 -15%

Kleur zijdeglans zwart

Inhoud : 1 ltr.

1 ltr. dekt ca 12 m2


Protect your chassis with the classic finish.

For years, vehicle builders and restorers have relied on the quality and strength of Frost Chassis Black Paint to protect suspension, steering, axles and all other under body components that risk damage in every day use.

Our Chassis Black Paint is oil resistant with 1 litre covering approx. 12 square metres.

Apply to a clean dry surface with a primer if applying to new or bare metal. It can be brushed on or sprayed, if thinned. If you require it to be thinned, we would recommend white spirit, max 10% - 15%.

The Frost Chassis Black is a protective one-pack coating for use in tough demanding conditions. This quick drying synthetic enamel is designed to provide a satin finish with durability without sacrificing economy. It is suitable for the full range of commercial vehicle chassis including buses, trucks and trailers.

It has a positive drying gives tack free time of 3 hours with the finish consisting of being a satin finish that has excellent opacity.