Mini vilten polijstborstels 9st./ Felt Bob kit
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Mini vilten polijstborstels 9st./ Felt Bob kit
9 stuks
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Set van 9 stuks kleine polijstvilt-stiften voor kleine uitsparingen en precisiewerk.



Mounted Felt Bob Kit (9pc)

Mounted Felt Bob kit,  used for Polishing metal.

A compound is applied to the felt and then either cutting or polishing to a bright mirror finish on all metals can be achieved.

Pack of 9 felt bobs.


Mounted Felt Bob Kit, used for Polishing metal.

Felt bobs are mainly used for polishing metal although you can also use them on glass.

These bobs are used in many industries including:

  • Mould tool polishing: – Mould tools and dies used for plastic injection require a very high finish. You’ll find that felt is mostly used for lapping and polishing with diamond compound.
  • Polishing medical implants – The felts are very high quality, under totally controlled manufacturing, suitable for robotic use.
  • Polishing precision engineered components – We supply aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, defence, and many more engineering industries. Anything where you require a polished finish.
  • Polishing precious metals in Jewellery industry – Working on gold and silver, Platinum, Palladium etc. Jewellers usually require smaller felts on a 2.35mm spindle with fine compounds such as Rouge.

You can use felt bobs in any rotary tool – such as a micromotor, pendant drill, flexible shaft machine or simple Drill. Check recommended speeds for polishing.