Eastwood Patina Preserver - onzichtbare roestwerende lak
Roest-en lakverwijdering / roest-conservering
Eastwood Patina Preserver - onzichtbare roestwerende lak
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De Eastwood Patina Preserver is een onzichtbare coating ter bescherming van uw auto-oppervlak 


De coating is onzichtbaar en superdun gebaseerd op nano-technologie. Het biedt een veilige bescherming op versleten oppervlakken en biedt bescherming aan de carrosserie tegen weers-invloeden. Het is geschikt voor gebruik op diverse materialen als: aluminium, messing, koper, staal en meer.


De Patina preserver beschermt en gelijktijdig behoudt het de oude (vintage) verkleuring en verwering.


 - 1 spuitbus dekt ca. 4 m²

 - coating is duurzaam, beschermt tegen ultraviolet en weersinvloeden

 - voorkomt (verdere) spreiding van roest

 - geeft bescherming voor ca. 1 jaar

 - geen glans / onzichtbaar.


Breng aan op een schoon oppervlak, 

breng aan in 2 of 3 dunne lagen

Wacht 5 minuten tussen ieder laag

laat het onderdeel rusten voor tenminste 15 minuten - het product is zelf-uitvloeiend en verplaatsen kan de definitieve coating beïnvloeden.

Volledige droging in 45-60 minuten.

Coating is te verwijderen met poets en ontvetter. zonder het originele materiaal aan te tasten.


The Eastwood Patina Preserver Aerosol is a high quality, long-lasting method for preserving your car's surface and limiting any additional wear and tear.

This spray-on preservative coat is 100% invisible to the naked eye, as it consists of Eastwood's exclusive micro-thin build, Nano Barrier Technology. It creates a safe barrier on worn metals and protects the body of your car from natural elements - Stop any further corroding, fading and tarnish. It is compatible with such materials as aluminium, brass, copper, steel and more!

This Patina Preserver will keep any vintage discoloration or fading exactly the way it is for a long time. If you have an old car you want to restore, this is the perfect product for you.

The materials won't corrode any further and that classic look will remain exactly the same. The Patina Preserver Aerosol is ideal to use on entire vehicles, wheels, bumpers, interiors and just about any other metal surface you want to preserve.

  • 1 can covers 12-16 square ft.
  • Spray coat is highly durable, UV and weather resistant
  • Prevents rust from spreading
  • Lasts up to 1 year
  • No gloss - invisible finish


Make sure surface to be preserved is clean and dry apply 2 to 3 light coats of Patina Preserver.

Allow 5 minutes between each coat. Do not move part for at least 15 minutes, product is self leveling and movement may affect final coating.

Fully cure in 45 to 60 minutes.

Clear protection lasts for approximately 12 months depending on conditions.


FAQs (Source: Eastwood.com)

Q: What needs to be done to remove the product if you want to paint at a later date? Can it be removed without bothering the original paint? Does it matter if you have old fashioned enamel paint when you remove it?

A: All you would use to remove the product is a wax and grease remover which will not harm the paint already existing

Q:If using the Patina preserver, can i fisnish it with a clearcoat ?

A: No its a petrol based product and cannot be cleared over

Q: I want the "flat rust look" to stay just the way it is. I'm worried you will beable to tell it's clear coated. Can you ensure me this product will not make the dull rusty patina "shiny"? Also, I saw where you said this will only protect for 1 year???

A: The patina preserver will leave a coating that is invisible to the naked eye? so it will not look like the piece was clear coated. Depending on conditions the clear will only last for 12month.